Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Momnesia Moments

Okay - sometimes we just have to make fun of ourselves. I hope most of you got to read the article I sent out a couple of weeks ago declaring that momnesia does exist. I'm a prime example of it too! Yesterday Erin and I bonded over making some lemon poppyseed muffins. I found an easy recipe on the internet and I already had all the ingredients on hand(that never happens). So we're mixing away and I add the lemonade concentrate, or at least what I thought was lemondade concentrate. Looking at our finished dough product I began to think - this couldn't possibly be what it's supposed to look like. As I clumped what resembled cookie dough into muffin cups Erin and I looked at each other and thought, well we'll see what happens. It wasn't until I had to mix the remaining lemonade concentrate with sugar to pour over as a glaze that I realized, powder lemonade mix is not the same as lemonade concentrate. Oh how stupid I felt. At least Erin never even inquired about the muffins, cause they were a little on the chewy biscuit side. Thank goodness for short attention spans, and the bonding over the preparation!

Now, another mommy brain moment! I went to prepare my number one go to meal for taking a meal to a new mommy - stuffed shells, only to find that when I went to Sam's to buy the cottage cheese last week, I accidentally bought sour cream. Identical tubs, not identical products. - I read the tub several times to make sure this was really happening. Luckily Joe had a few minutes to run and grab me some cottage cheese and divert a major crisis. Now, I have 48 oz. of sour cream that goes bad in about a week. So I can either EBAY it and become rich, or I'll give it to the first person who thinks they can use it - any takers????

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Erin and Anna's Cousin Blake

Most of you have heard the news that Kim and Brent had baby Blake, as we like to call him, Friday evening. Erin was very excited to meet her newest cousin and already loves him to pieces. Anna isn't so sure about having her position as baby of the family removed, but I think she'll come around. Blake has evened my parent's total to 3 boy and 3 girl grandchildren. What a blessing each new little family member is. We love Blake so much and can't wait to have lots of family, cousin time!
Erin's an old pro at this - lots of practice with Anna!

Uncle Joe is excited to be holding a boy, and a super cute one at that!

Can't believe my baby sister has a baby. She's already a great mommy!

4 Girls!

No, I'm not expecting twin girls - thank the Lord. But, I did watch my best friends 2 little girls on Thursday morning and add that to my precious 2 and you've got 4 little princesses! I snapped some pics of them playing outside since it was such an awesome day! Then my niece joined us for lunch - 5 girls - that doesn't happen much at the Maggiore household.

Erin and Elena Kay did some gardening.
Cassia and Anna just watched and waited for the day they could join their big sisters.
4 beautiful girls!
5 princesses at lunch