Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Random Erin Moments

As anyone with a 3 year old knows at anytime you can be caught off guard. Here's a few highlights from the last couple of days.

On Sunday Anderson gave Erin the world, at least you would think it was. It really is just a little plush JoJo doll, but from the moment Erin met her 2 or so years ago at the Judds she has loved it. Two weeks ago Anderson let us borrow JoJo for a couple of days, and we thought that was a treat. Then after returning home for several days, Anderson apparently thought JoJo would be better off with Erin so he gave her to us. Oh the lovin Erin wanted to do on Anderson. She still walks around asking, "you mean we don't have to giver her back?" What a sweet boy!

Erin was dipping her shrimp in ketchup the other night and Joe was sharing her ketchup which she wasn't fond of. Here's their dialogue:
Erin - Daddy...uhhhh
Joe - I'm sharing with you, it's nice to share.
Erin - No daddy, I'M sharing with you.

And one more...our little Erin is a kisser and lately she's been doing extended kisses on the lips which we try to reserve for family. Last night Heather came over and as we were leaving and receiving kisses, she was included. Here's there dialogue:
Erin - Can I give you a kiss Miss Header
Heather - Sure, but right here on the cheek, the lips are for family
Erin - But you are family to me Miss Header

This little almost 4 year old still amazes me every day, so I just wanted to document those things to look back on one day!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's Independence Day!

The 4th of July is my husbands favorite day of the whole year! He looks forward to it from July 5th until it comes again. He is the reason for the change of colors and music on the blog! It has become even more exciting since having our little girls. Erin is a huge fireworks lover like her daddy, and it appears Anna will follow suit. I have loaded this post with pictures so I'll keep the text short. It was a fabulous day with friends and family and we're already looking forward to next year! Happy Birthday America!
We always have lunch with the family at the Nieter's pool - Hot dogs and swimming, what could be better!
Anna and her MawMaw in the pool.
Two goggly monsters.
This is all too exciting for Blake so he's taking a break!
Erin helping Daddy tote all our "stuff" to the beach.
My 2 blonde, sandy babies!
I finally got to meet and squeeze little Addison.

Look at these 3, haven't changed a bit since high school.

When do the fireworks start?

Taking a drink break.

Waiting patiently for the fireworks to start.

They started....early!

I love fireworks with Daddy!

Daddy's newest firework buddy!


Last week Erin and Anna both got to have some playdates and extra fun times! We just love the summertime with friends.
Care Bear Erin and Princess Samara!
Their first slumber party at my house and they actually slept til almost 8!
Anna and Kylie playing with the cool toys!
Tuggles got a lot of lovin' from these 2 - she's such a loving dog!
Mom - where's my snack?