Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day and a Birthday

We headed to the beach on Memorial day to soak in the rays. This was Anna's first encounter with the sand, and she loved it. We always take a kiddie pool for the little ones, so after the water warmed up a bit she and Carter were happy with it. We met the Judds, Saunders and my Brother's family there. That's a lot of kids, but it was great. Can't wait for our next beach trip.

After quick baths and a short nap we headed off to my parent's house for my Dad's 60th birthday party. The kids call him Bobble and made him a BBQ plate with their handprints on it. It was a fun night for a cookout and celebrating our favorite Bobble.

Small Group BBQ

We had a Small Group BBQ on Sunday afternoon to celebrate Memorial Day. We always plan a beach day, but the weather just wasn't warm enough. So everyone brought over some good eats and we enjoyed an outdoor picnic. The men took all the kids to the church playground right near our house so the ladies could enjoy a few minutes of talk time! We love having our small group friends over, especially for summer cookouts!

B.G. with the Judds

Saturday we started off early to head to Busch Gardens with the Judds. We were all able to pile into their Pilot, get some yummy breakfast and make it up to Williamsburg by 10:00. It was the absolutely perfect day to be there - not too hot and breezy. Erin and Anderson did all their rides together. Erin even tackled the big swings with Daddy. Carter and Anna just chilled and slept whenever they could get comfortable. It was the perfect start to our weekend. Thanks Judds for such a fun Saturday!

Last Day of Preschool

Friday was Erin's last day of 3 year old preschool. I feel like just yesterday I was doing my first post on making her tote bag for school. This little girl has grown so much this year. I have to admit I had a difficult time at the beginning of the year. I debated if I should send her to preschool or wait another year. I know now that we made the right decision. She has learned so many things and found so many friends. One of the moms in the class makes a scrapbook for every child(can you believe that?) with all their school memories and some crafts. It will be something we treasure forever. I'm so proud of Erin and am still amazed by her little mind and heart daily. She has a love for art, and it's always something to be given to someone else. A few days ago she drifted off to the playroom and cleaned it for about 20 minutes. She was so proud of herself when she revealed it to me. Even though this was just the last day of school, I feel like it's the beginning of all things 4. By the end of the summer I'll have a 4 year old - where does the time go. I love you little Erin, you're still my favorite Erin!!!