Sunday, February 8, 2009

A fun weekend!

It has been a very enjoyable weekend since we are all healthy. Not to mention it's 71 degrees out today and absolutely beautiful. We layed low Friday night and had ice cream cones at home and then some jungle gym time with Daddy.

Saturday we went to the Living Museum and both the girls loved it. When Anna wasn't riding with Nana we made her walk and she did a great job - lots of practice! She especially loves the aquarium part and Erin loves the outdoor trail.

We had lunch at one of Papa Joe's favorite places and they have a family sized Banana Pudding. We thought it would be funny to give it to Anna and see what she'd do with it. She was very excited, but decided to share with all of us! The pictures are out of order because blogger is being very stubborn and won't let me move them as I wish.

Wow - is this all for me?
That's what I'm talking about!
Daddy is under there somewhere!
second that
Anna is sooooo big!
My 2 precious little girls.
What do you see Erin?
Anna's favorite ride, Nana's favorite rider.
Hello Mr. Turtle
Hello Mr. Crab