Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunny Days

Sweeping the clouds away....Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

It has officially started, the Busch Gardens season that is. We have never made it for Pass Holder Preview Day so we were determined to make it this year since our dearly loved friends have arrived. Yes, Sesame Street has come to town, complete with Big Bird and Elmo. This was Anna's first true "meeting" with the fuzzy friends and she's just like her sister, not scared one bit. I'm guessing our 3rd child will be deathly afraid of fuzzy creatures! It was a beautiful afternoon full of excitement including a quick show, a meet and greet and Anna's first ride on the ladybugs and boats. Oh what fun this summer is going to be with 2 little girls that love going to Busch Gardens!

Growing Up...

Our family has had a few little ones grow up over the last month. Blake turned the BIG 1 on the 14th and Samara turned the BIG 4 on the 15th. After a weekend of family parties we are reminded just how blessed we are to be surrounded by our family and able to celebrate these big milestones with each other. We love cousin time and it is so fun to watch them love on each other. Blake and Anna are quite the little buddies and will probably get into lots of trouble together this summer!

Take a good look at those cakes - My dad has been blessed with the talent and the patience to make each grandchild a very special cake every year. You can imagine making 1 cake, but every March he'll have to make 2 in one weekend. Sure wish this was a talent that was passed down to me!
Group Hug! Blake, Anna and Erin
Blow out the candle Blake!

This is what we'd look like with a boy!

Samara and her Barbie cake!

These 2 are quite the little princesses.