Friday, February 27, 2009

Fresh Air

We were blessed with 2 days where it was just warm enough to play outside and grab some fresh air. Good thing we did, snow is in the forecast for next week!
Anna and her pal Clifford!
Erin is my gardener, hopefully she'll have more skills than I do!

Monday, February 23, 2009

You'd think....

...we really like driving to Norfolk every now and then to visit CHKD.

...we'd been hitting the town to try and collect as many germs as we can.

...we're going for a record of colds in a 2 month period.

...I never clean my house or the toys.

...we have a sign on our backs that says, "Hit me one more time."

After yet another trip down to CHKD, we are relieved to find that Anna only has an Upper Respiratory Infection this time. Bags packed and ready for a stay, we headed off to the ER yesterday when Anna spiked a 104 temp. and started showing all those lovely signs again. Praise the Lord, her chest is clear and breathing fine, it's just in the upper respiratory region. So, here we go again, as secluded as we've been, we have to do it all over again. Please pray for us to have wisdom. I really struggle on when it's okay to take her somewhere and when it's best to stay home. I would hate to miss church for the next month, but she just still puts everything in her mouth. Pray that I don't go stir crazy, I love going out and this staying at home everyday wears on me. Thank you all for praying for Anna's health!

We have to get a picture everytime we go. The nurse thought we were crazy, but who cares!
We finally got her to drink some juice out of a juice box!