Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of Pre-K 4

My Little 4 Year Old
Today was Erin's first day back at Preschool and we swear she grew an inch last night. Everytime I look at this girl I see a little less baby, and a lot more little lady. She awoke in a terrific mood ready for a great day. After a little discussion on the outfit of the day, which mommy won, we were ready to go in no time. Her cousin is going to the same preschool on the same days this year so we'll be seeing lots of her and MawMaw at school. Erin walked right into her room, gave her teacher a picture she had colored, and set down to start drawing. Not a single tear or whimper. After a few hugs and kisses we were off!

I feel so blessed to have this wonderful preschool where I feel safe leaving my child and know she is being loved. I can only imagine how much Erin is going to grow this year. Joe and I have also been praying that Erin makes the decision to ask Jesus into her heart this year. She is so ready and has lately been folding her hands and saying spontaneous prayers throughout the day. She is very aware of who God is and how important He is and we know it won't be long before she is ready to make that decision.

On a side note, Anna wasn't thrilled being home alone. She talked a lot in the car and kept looking around at home as if to say, where is that crazy sister of mine? Luckily, it was naptime during most of it!

Erin and Mrs. Mullen

Erin and Samara

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Anna loves Cracker Barrell - a veggie plate please!
2 beach bums just chillin'
Go Jackets!
Another fun weekend, of course, with these 2 cuties how could it not be fun. Saturday didn't look like much of a beach day at the start so we headed off to run errands, something I love to do. We ended up hearing back from a lady on Craig's list about a curio cabinet we were interested in, so we took off to Yorktown to pick it up. Since this was an impromptu trip, we decided to have lunch at Cracker Barrell - Anna's first experience. I have never seen the child eat so much! Then we took the scenic route back, stopped by Home Depot to get paint for our 2 bathrooms, and then Sams. We had 10 minutes to change and get to the softball fields for the Grand Finale of the season. The guys were supposed to lose after the first game, but decided to go all the way to the championship game which meant the girls went home by themselves!

Sunday we had some unexpected play time with Jenny's girls because Jenny wasn't feeling well, so we all played outside, but there are no pictures when there are 4 kids!

Then on Labor Day we headed to the Bay with the Saunders. Ryan and Erin did their thing, but Anna wasn't thrilled with the day. So we cut the trip short, but had come prepared with our Georgia Tech gear to get free strips at Chick-fil-A. Since Erin only at 1 and Anna 1/2 we have left over strips for dinner tonight - hooray. We had a family get together last night at my mom's, and for some reason I didn't take any pictures.

Tomorrow is the beginning of preschool and I am ready for it. I love having Erin home, but I love the routine that preschool gives us. And I know she loves it too. She thirsts for knowledge and socialization and she thrives in that environment. I'm going to have one tired little girl tomorrow, but we're all looking forward to this new year!