Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Update on Anna's Immunology Appt.

For the sake of keeping a record of this journey, I've chosen just to copy the emails I send out after each appointment onto the blog! So if it sounds familiar....it is!

Hello All - Anna had her appointment with the immunologist today and the doctor is not overly concerned about her at this time. 10 more viles of blood were taken and some of it will come back rapidly and others will take 4-6 weeks. At this time, we are praising the Lord that she does have T cells that fight infection, we just don't know how substantial her count is yet. The main test will grow a culture in her blood to determine how well the T cells do their job and what we're working with. So for the next 6 weeks we will do our best to keep Anna out of situations where she could come in contact with "bugs" i.e. mall play areas and sadly church nursery. I am blessed with a family that is willing to chip in and watch Anna on Sundays so I can make it to service or small group and not feel isolated!

The other positive thing that happened today is we met Anna's new speech therapist. Our former therapist couldn't coordinate with our schedule so arranged for this therapist to come several weeks ago. The Lord's timing couldn't be more perfect, this therapist is an expert on speech appraxia and even started a local support group for parents whose children have appraxia. I was thrilled with her this morning and she is not ready to give Anna the diagnosis of appraxia and told me of so many other possiblities for Anna. She made me feel very confidant that we will do whatever it takes to catch Anna up with as little frustration as possible!

So you can probably tell my tone is a little different today. I know we still have lots of opinions to gather and we can't see the whole picture yet, but for today we are praising the Lord for good news and positive feedback. Thank you all for your encouraging emails and calls last week. So many of you ministered to us in so many ways! We are still taking it one day at a time and realizing that the Lord's timing is always perfect.

One last thing, Anna's palate surgery has been scheduled for October 29th. Again, I would like it sooner, but know that the Lord's timing is perfect.

Take Care,

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Traditions....Papa Joe's Pride and Joy

As many of you know ODU kicked off a new era of Football this year. Papa Joe has been excited about this for 2 years and I think I can honestly say, he was even more excited because he had 2 cute cheerleaders to show off. Erin and Anna love to be in their ODU outfits cheering the team on. I don't think Anna will go to many more games as she is a handfull, but she loves to clap her hands whenever the crowd gets really excited. Erin is convinced that her cheers have led the team to both of their victories.

It is a lot of fun as I never experienced the whole college football hoopla of tailgating and screaming at a team. Plus, we get to sit next to our good friends the Jacksons which is always a fun time! So here's to a great kickoff season for ODU with 2 of the cutest cheerleaders on the block!

Growing Up and Going Up!

The girls are growing up and since our family is expanding we decided to make room for our newest girl! Anna has successfully been transferred to a converted crib, although I did add a small rail to keep her in at naptime(little stinker). Erin's room is being transformed into a princesses castle built for 2. We fell in love with these bunk beds and since we know they will be used for years to come...we couldn't say no. Erin has adjusted very well to sleeping on the top bunk. We plan on moving Anna in November after she's had her surgery. Although she is very anxious to be in there now and Erin is anxious to have her. It's exciting and sad all at the same time, but I guess they have to grow up - it's just what they do!