Thursday, September 30, 2010

Student of the Month

Erin was awarded the Student of the Month for her class yesterday at chapel. We are so proud of her and her ability to choose to do the right thing even at school. Today she celebrates her 2nd birthday as a child of Christ. Her faith is amazing, her heart a blessing to others and her character a testimony to the fact that she does get it. She loves Jesus with all her heart and believes in Him 100%. What a precious gift she is to us!

Monday, September 27, 2010

So Long September

Wow, sometimes I'm absolutely amazed at how quickly a month can go by. I've been very behind in my blogging as many of you can tell. I may have lost my avid followers after a month's hiatus. I hope to be more consistent now that we are well into the rhythm of the school year. I tell you what, first grade has been a big adjustment for me. There is so much to remember, and homework, and AR reading. I wasn't prepared to go back to school myself, but I feel like I have. Erin is absolutely excelling. She is in Advanced Reading and I often think to myself, how does she know how to read so well, somebody must be teaching her. She likes school, I won't say loves it, she deals with separation anxiety. Apparently I'm the best mom in the world and she just misses me too much when she's at school. Our neighbors are homeschooled and I think she wants me to try it. I've told her, I'm not saying never, just not right now.

Anna loves school. She loves putting on her backpack and riding in the truck to school. She doesn't whine anymore about going in, she hops right in with the other kids. Her teacher says she is doing so well. She is speaking more every week, she is participating and singing. The best news was that she has a special friend at school. They swing together, walk together in line, eat snack together. I cried when I heard that because I didn't know how well Anna would do making friends since she isn't very verbal. I am so grateful for this special girl the Lord has given Anna to make her feel safe at school. Yesterday Anna sang Jesus Loves Me to me and The BIBLE. I am so amazed that Anna is able to sing a song when a few months ago putting 3 words together was a struggle. She is a little sponge, and it's finally starting to leak out!

I did a post on Megan to update on her with a few pictures from the month - she is my snuggly teddy bear. She brings me so much joy and is the perfect completion to our family. I feel so amazed at how God has blessed us with 3 precious girls and I also feel a huge responsibility to raise them to be women of God. I'm constantly praying for them and for myself to have the wisdom and strength to raise girls that know God, love Him with all their heart, and want to change the world for Him. Parenting is a huge task, thankfully I'm not alone in it! I promise to post more pictures and more frequently, I certainly want to record all the moments of their lives that are so special!

Raleigh Trip

Our annual Fall trip to Raleigh was moved to September this year thanks to Georgia Tech's schedule, but we didn't let it stop us from having a great time. The kids (all 8 of them) had a blast together and got along really well. We are always thankful for this weekend away with treasured friends that are more like family! We may actually be related one day if we're lucky, Erin is set on marrying Harrison if he'll have her! Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Let's Go ODU!

Break out the cheerleading outfits - it's time for ODU football again! The girls love it and always have a blast at the games. You wouldn't believe how much attention they get!

A Joy!

Exploring the world of table food, sweet potatoes!
Being introduced to the yumminess of Ritz crackers.

The doctor says I'm perfect!

Mommy made some homemade biter biscuits that were a bit messy!

I'm daddy's mini me!

Megan is just growing up too fast. This past week she cut her first 2 teeth, finally. She primarily prefers table food and feeding herself. She squeals with delight when her sisters enter the room. We are enjoying our 3 mornings a week together and she is absolutely a joy. I just want to keep her at this age for awhile. She naps great, she eats well and she giggles all the time. She weighed in at 16 lbs 8 oz at her nine month checkup and 28 inches long. We couldn't imagine our lives without her, and she is a daddy's girl too!