Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Circus!

Erin was treated to a day with Her Baba and Papa Joe last Sunday and they took her to the circus for the first time. She seems to have quite enjoyed herself and has a new pet monkey she's named Sparkly! I actually haven't gotten that many details from her, which is odd, except that she liked it! These are a few pics of her special day!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Longest Post Ever!!!!

Ever feel the need just to post because you want to, not because something outrageous has happened? I guess I'm just in a posting/writing mood. I haven't had much time to blog lately, and I've missed it. I really enjoy being able to sit and write about what's been going on and catch up on all of your outings too.

A couple of weeks ago I kicked my Mary Kay business back into gear, full gear! And though it's been a lot of work getting going and getting organized, I've really enjoyed the challenge. I started crying the other day for no reason, ever done that, and Joe was like what's wrong, I said, I'm just happy. I think I didn't realize a little part of me was missing, and now that it has been awakened, I'm very happy. I think as a stay at home mom, I've missed the feeling of accomplishment that comes along with a job and having tasks to complete. I knew that would be an issue with me when I decided to stay home and I know I accomplish quite a bit everyday - just look at all the diapers I've changed and noses I've wiped. But, it is a different sense of accomplishment, and I enjoy feeling it again. The Lord is blessing my efforts and I know I am in His will. I'm thankful Joe encouraged me to do this again and take a step of faith. I won a necklace for this month and the charm on it for February is Faith - I think that's a pretty good sign.

Okay - for those of you I haven't lost yet in this long blog, here's the good part for you. I just finished my Beth Moore study "Stepping Up" which was encouraging me to take my walk with the Lord to the next step. I learned quite a bit through the study, and couldn't begin to go into it all on here. However, our last assignment was to write a blessing to others in our small group. I did that, but I want to impart the same blessing to my blogging friends.

Friends, may the Lord grant you the opportunity to experience His peace that passes all understanding so that you may know that this kind of peace truly does exist and that you may never forget the time in your life when He granted it. May He bless you with the peace to face any hardship and to come out on the other side praising Him for it!
I've learned that even though we're Christians, things are going to happen, sometimes bad things. The way we prepare ourselves for those events will help us endure them and enable us to see God in them, and praise Him through them. You all know our story with Anna and this study gave me several opportunities to relive those days, and I praise God for what He taught me so that if I help one person go through a similar situation, I know it has served a purpose. God is good and He desires to bless us over and abundantly - you know what - He already has! And every time we Praise Him - He blesses us in return, He just can't help Himself. So take a little time to stop and Praise the Lord today!

Monday, February 25, 2008

A future in TV?

Erin got her 30 seconds of fame yesterday and it might have shown a glimpse into her future with a career in TV. The camera loves her! Not to mention that it would be fulfilling one of my dreams, to be a TV anchor woman! Anyways, WAVY TV was at church yesterday and Erin happened to attend Baba's Sunday School Class and that's the class they chose to interview. So here is a snipit from the news piece showing our little Erin.