Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Day!

After years of waiting for the BIG ONE...we finally got it. Erin and Anna were the perfect ages to enjoy this huge snowfall (huge for Virginia Beach that is!) We were so excited to see Anna's reaction to the white stuff because she's never really encountered it. Erin just wanted to have a snowball fight like Buddy in Elf! Daddy was pretty excited to get to use the sled he bought 4 years ago at Sam's club for $4 that mommy had wanted to sell in a yard sale! I was just happy to have everyone home so I could have a few breaks from the mundane! So it worked for all of us and now that it's finally melting away, I don't think any of us wish it back. It can wait again until next year when the newness of it will once again excite everyone, even Megan!