Monday, June 8, 2009

Anna's a big sister!

Anna is sporting her latest shirt which says, "I'm the Big Sister!" Anna will join Erin in the ranks of big sister in December. We are very excited, a little overwhelmed and knowingly complete with our 3rd child on the way! I'm thrilled to not be hugely pregnant over the summer as I was with the other 2 and think this will be an extremely fun Christmas. We know the Lord already has determined if we'll be seeing pink again or blue this time. We honestly don't care either way. Part of me really wants a boy, but would feel very comfortable with a girl. Despite everyone's first thought, Joe actually prefers to have all girls! My only fear with a girl, is not being able to find a name with as much significance as the other 2 girls! We did learn that I will have a high risk ultrasound to specifically look at the baby's heart, so we can be prepared if there is a defect. I have a 3% chance of having another baby with a heart defect, not really a good chance at all! So there you have it, an official announcement for baby #3! Now, I think I'll take a nap!!!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Can we keep one?

We have a little duckie family again this year. A mommy duck was blessed with 10 fuzzy little ducklings, and has only since lost 1(so sad). So every morning we check out the window for the ducklings and count them to make sure they're all there. Anna gets the biggest kick out of the little fuzzies. They have become very comfortable with our yard and come up very close to the house so we get a good look every day! Erin of course wants to keep one and have it as a pet! Ha! We have on a couple of occassions had to save them from other ducks and neighborhood kids, but that's as far as our involvement will go! It amazes me how momma duck keeeps her cool with 9 babies toddling around!

Rides at B.G.

Another Saturday, another Busch Gardens trip. It is so fun to watch the girls grow up and get to do new things each summer. Anna took her first ride on the Flutter Sputter and her first solo ride on the ladybugs. A couple of weeks ago Erin conquered the Big Bad Wolf. She claims she loved it, but doesn't want to do it again! Can't believe how fast time goes and how big they are getting!