Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dental Pro and Dressing Room Diva

Erin had another Dentist appt. this morning, only the coldest morning of the year! She did an amazing job, much better than last time. A dentist came to her school last week so she's been talking about healthy stuff for your teeth all week. She informed the dentist today that juice boxes weren't healthy for your teeth and that she had let me know! No cavities in sight, so it was a good visit.

After that, we picked up Baba and Anna to head to the store to shop for an Easter Dress for Erin. This was Erin's first experience trying on clothes in the fitting room. I just wasn't sure if she'd need a 4 or 5 this year. She got the biggest kick out of being in the dressing room. She kept saying all my friends look pretty, meaning the 3 reflections of her in the mirror were her friends. She looked like such a princess in all the dresses and she had quite the opinion of her likes and dislikes. Oh what do I have to look forward to in the next few years.

All that aside, I can honestly say times like today give me such joy as a mom. I never knew taking my daughter into the fitting room for the first time would make me feel so happy inside. I absolutely LOVE being a mom to girls. I know there is a unique bond with a mother and son and believe me, I'm dying to discover it too, but I am fully content being a mom to girls. Joe often claims I'm just playing baby dolls and maybe I am, but what's wrong with that. All I did growing up was play baby dolls, so seems appropriate I would do it for a "living" now! The only difference is I didn't have to discipline the dolls, but there were no hugs either! So even when my real life dolls veto their nap and have a meltdown, I love them just the same and am thankful for every little milestone I cross with them.

And just for the record....Joe is quite content being dad to little girls as well. Man do they own him. This is what I caught after dinner was over. Joe was feeding Anna a secret Jello treat!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Anna has learned a new trick and boy does she like to practice it. My poor sister had to hear this through the phone as I was trying to talk to her in the car. I do believe I have a strong alto on my hands, so at least Kim is happy about that!