Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Life with Megan

Hey there little buddy!

What a good little mommy Anna is!

We are slowly transitioning to life with another child. Anna is definitely more interested in Megan than Erin is. She is constantly bringing me her passy when she cries and often tries to stick it in Megan's mouth by herself. She loves to be in the center of the baby action. Anna also enjoys treating her bunny like a baby and offering it a passy and buckling it into the carseat.

These first 5 weeks have been challenging. We are working through some reflux issues with Megan and trying our best to remind ourselves that this time will pass and we will fall into a rhythm one day soon. Please pray for little Megan, her reflux is making her very uncomfortable and irritable. We are in contact with her doctor though and hope to have the issues resolved very soon! She is still has cute as a button just like 2 other little girls I know!