Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cousins and a Bumbo

Megan loves the bumbo seat and she likes it even better when someone will lay in front of her and give her all the attention! These girls love their cousins!

Busch Gardens

We made our first trip to Busch Gardens on March 21st for season pass holder day. All we did was Sesame Street and Dragon Land and it was so fun. It just so happened to be Big Bird's birthday. All the kids got free Big Bird dolls as a present. We didn't tell Erin so it would be a surprise. She took Big Bird a card she had made and I snuck a return address sticker on there. Lo and behold, Big Bird wrote her back and even stuck a feather in the card. This has made Erin's year I do believe! She sure does love that bird! Can't wait to go see him again.