Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Day with my Girls

Erin and I used to get out just about everyday, whether it was on a mission or just because. When Anna came along we became a little more housebound, but finally got our groove. Now, I feel like we are always out on a time bound mission or playdate and we never really just go out for the fun of it(well, my kind of fun of it!) So yesterday Anna decided to snooze til 9:00(I know - hate me) so Erin and I got ready so we could pop out as soon as Anna woke up. We got her dressed and milked and then headed out. We went to have a bagel and muffin at Panera and then headed over to Target and browsed the clearance and bought baby shower gifts. Then we stopped by the new Salvation Army store. All this and back home by 11:30 for lunch and naps. It was so nice just spending time with the girls and talking with Erin. Anna rather enjoyed her cinnamon crunch bagel as well! I look forward to lots more times like these with my girls!

Water Play

Anna got this new water table for her birthday and she loves it, and big sister does too. It's great because it makes her stand up which is not something she does very steadily. I sat behind her most of the time to catch her when she started to tumble. She would quickly reach back up and want to stand up again so I know this is going to help build her strength. Not to mention both girls LOVE splashing in the water. Look Miss Heather your toy matches our table perfectly, and it was a big hit too!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Party with a Purpose!

On Sunday we had Anna's 1st birthday party. We decided instead of your typical birthday party, we would do a Party with a Purpose to support CHKD. We are so thankful for the service CHKD provides and since Anna is so blessed, we wanted to give back to this special place. Our little Miracle had a wonderful time celebrating although I don't think she knew what it was all about. We are blessed to be surrounded by such supportive friends and family that love our little Anna. It was a day we'll always remember!

Birthday Celebration - Take 1

I can't believe my baby turned 1 yesterday. Little Anna is now a big 1 year old. We started our birthday celebration at Jason's Deli for lunch so she could have her first ice cream cone. We did this with Erin too so we thought it was a good tradition to carry on! Anna thought it was a good idea too!