Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation

Fish Tales Program
Erin doing her speaking part.
Walking in to Graduate!

A good looking crew!

Receiving her diploma!

Erin's K-5 class

Our first grader!

MawMaw and Bobble

Erin's friend Elena Kay

Aunt Kim and Uncle Brent

Uncle Chris, Aunt Jen, Caleb, Noah, Samara and Eva

Anna is so proud of her big sister

Our little graduate!

Baba and Papa Joe

Erin and her teachers Mrs. Mulford and Mrs. Livingston

Erin graduated from Kindergarten on Tuesday night, June 8th. I honestly can't believe how fast this year came and went. Erin was pretty much on auto pilot this year. With Anna having her health issues and me having a baby who had her own issues, Erin just fended for herself. She is definitely my easy child. She's easy going, laid back, extremely talkative(except at school), and her heart must be made of pure gold. She is blessed beyond belief most of the time and I think it's because of her unwaivering faith. She loves God more than anything, trusts Him more than anyone and will be the first to pray for everything. She is beautiful inside and out.
She received the perfect attendance award, the obedience character award, the P.E. achievement award and best of all the Christian Character award given to one child in each class. She is a bright and shining star and we are so proud of her. Our prayer is that her life touches the lives of others, that her desire to please others is used to bring God glory and to serve others. We are so thankful the Lord blessed us with her as she daily reminds us that with God all things are possible!

From Sweaty to Beauty

Last Tuesday Erin had field day at school. She had a blast and came home worn out and sweaty. That all changed within a few hours. Our next door neighbor JacJac had chosen Erin to go with her to have her hair and nails done and then off to dinner at Red Robin in honor of JacJac's sixth birthday. The girls looked adorable and had a fabulous time being pampered!

Memorial Day Fun!

Erin and Daddy waiting for the big one!
Erin and Daddy catchin' one!
Anna and Daddy waiting for the big one!
Anna and Daddy catchin' one!
These 2 are some kind of pair - Anna has Papa Joe completely wrapped around all 10 of her fingers!
The Grandmas and the Baby!
Papa Joe and Megan just relaxin'
This beach stuff is hard work!

We had a great Memorial Day with friends and family. The big girls love the beach and made
Joe's day by boogie boarding with him. Anna asks everyday to go to the beach - she's her daddy's girl. Then again, from the pictures you can see that she's Papa Joe's girl too!