Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Anna is 3!

Our Sweet Birthday Girl!
Breakfast waffle with Apple Butter...mmm.
I found an Einstein birthday card that sang the theme song!
She got a new TAG Jr.
An Einstein Video!
She loved her Rocket cake!
Bobble worked extra hard on this special Rocket cake.
The kids playing carnival games.
Anna loved the petting zoo they brought along.
Lovin' the Pony - Batman
Yeehaw - cowgirl Erin
Our little 3 year old!
Look out Rocket - there's a new girl in town

Anna celebrated her 3rd birthday last Tuesday from morning till night! She had her Waffle with Apple Butter for breakfast, followed by lunch at Jason's Deli and then on to her Little Einstein's party. Since last October when she had her surgery for her palate, plus to have tubes put in, she has been obsessed with Little Einsteins because it is the first show she actually heard loud and clear. She loves classical music, and we actually listen to Beethoven in the car because my brother gave her a CD and it always calmed her. Anyways, she absolutely adores the Einsteins and it's all she ever wants to watch on TV. So for months we knew she had to have an Einsteins birthday party.

My dad made her a rocket cake, Baba and Papa Joe ordered her a special Rocket costume. The yard was set up like a Carnival, something Erin and Baba have been working on together this summer. Then, the biggest surprise of all came - pony rides. The kids took turns riding ponies for an hour. Anna had such a great time and hopefully she'll remember it, at least in pictures. She stills talks about her Little Einsteins party at Baba's house in her cute little words. Nothing can replace the moments of pure joy we're blessed to give our girls with the help of our family and friends!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Peaches, peaches and more peaches

The peaches were unbelievable this year, so good that we made 2 trips down to Knott's Island. I made a peach cobbler that would make our family in the south proud and Megan has been enjoying some sweet peach baby food. The girls love this new tradition and Anna really got into it this year! We officially have peaches coming out of our ears, but they sure are yummy!

What's Megan Been up to????

Over the last month, Megan has had some exciting adventures. Although I'm not posting much, I am still taking pictures of our precious 3rd child and she will have a scrapbook of her own one day! She absolutely loves the camera and the hardest part about taking pictures of her, is deciding which ones to delete because they are all so good!
She met gloworm....
She started using her exersaucer....
She learned to hold her own bottle....
She graduated to a big girl bath...
She learned to sit by herself....
She learned how much fun cousins are....
She gave us so much joy and so many huge smiles...