Friday, July 18, 2008


Erin and Anna got to spend some time with their friends Elena Kay and Cassia this morning. The "bigger" girls enjoyed a popsicle after lunch.

Summer Nights

Last night we took a trip out to the Bay. We knew we were going to have a busy weekend so we wanted to get a little relaxin' in. We stopped by McDonald's first to take advantage of the freebie(thanks Katie) and then off to the Bay. Erin was of course being dramatic and putting on a show, while Anna just tried to figured out how to get the sand to her mouth! We love summertime nights like this with our little ladies!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

O Happy Day!

Today we took Anna for a 6 month follow-up at the Cardiologist. Just as we suspected, she's perfect. The Doctor walked in the room and said something to the effect of "holy weight gain!" We love how good they make us feel because they know how far she's come. There is absolutely know residual murmur, which is music to our ears. She had to sit still for one more EKG, but it showed everything normal, so no ECHO was needed.
In other exciting news, I introduced Anna to the snack trap today and she loves it! Can't say the same about being in her new big car seat still facing the rear. Weighing in at just about17 pounds she'll be facing the back for awhile. Also, she'll need to stay on formula for about 4 more months, she needs those calories!
We can't help but feel extremely blessed to have such a healthy little girl that will be turning 1 in less than 2 weeks. We love you little angel!

"Mom - you've been holding out on me - this is good stuff."

Just another EKG - nothing to it!

This is our favorite Cardiologist, Dr. Ellis - he always thinks Anna looks so good!