Thursday, December 6, 2007

One thing wrapped

Well it is clear at my home there is only one thing wrapped right now - and that is Daddy around Erin's little finger. The power of a little girl's giggles is amazing. We drove through our neighborhood last night on the way home from Sam's to look at Christmas lights. Erin is in awe of this littlest decorations and just loves Christmas lights. We had purchased some outdoor lights back when we lived in an apartment, but hadn't put them up for the last 5 years. But, inspired by the giggles of his little girl, Daddy put them up last night on the porch. He was so excited he went up and got her out of bed so he could show them to her. The picture is of them looking at the lights together for the first time. After her intial "AHHHHH" she said, "Daddy, why didn't you put any on the roof?" She's never afraid to ask for a little more from her Daddy!!!!!