Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas in the Country

We heard about Triple R Ranch's Christmas in the Country on K-Love and then were invited by a guy Joe has come to know through his Friday morning Bible Study. So we decided, despite the cold, it would be a fun and festive event to go to. It was a really nice time. Erin did a horse ride, there was a live nativity, she did a craft, we ate some good grub, and of course cider and cookies. I can truly say it is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

That bundle of pink is Anna!
Erin on her first "big" horse ride.This horse was there just for taking pictures.
Anna and her Christmas tree cookie.

Erin and her "Gabriel" angel cookie.

Nana's Walker

As we were waiting for the Christmas program to start on Friday night Anna took some time to practice her walking. She found the perfect tool to help her - Nana's walker. It was the cutest thing watching her walk up and down the hall. I used to play on my Great Aunt's walker and use it as a gymnastics apparatus so it brought back good memories.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Here's a few of the latest Erinisms:

When helping me practice my music for Sunday, I was informed that it is "Oh Well" not "Noel!"

After church today Erin went to Power Up with her Baba where it is being reinforced that the children bring in items they don't need anymore to give to children who are less fortunate. In the car, Erin announced that she was going right home to clean up and find things to give away, and then asked, "what do you think Cody wants of mine?" I got the biggest giggle and tried to explain that we weren't giving things away to friends, but to people we don't know! What a heart though, and she truly got the message!(Jessica - I don't know why she chose Cody, guess she just loves him!)