Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oh Erin

Okay - Couldn't let these 2 get by without a post. One of my big sayings with Erin is, "Do you understand?" I ask her that a lot, especially after correcting her behavior. Well, this morning she came downstairs and before we said anything to each other, she said, "I understand mommy, but can I have that purple lollipop?" I think she knew the answer before she asked, but wanted me to know how much she really wanted it.

Then, just now I went into the other room and she hopped up and handed me the brownie pictured below. Joe had brought it home from lunch and she has been eyeing it and apparently mouthing it too. She said, "Here mommy, I started it for you." Oh the temptations that lurk in the Maggiore household. Can't blame her with the brownie though - they are too good to resist.

Don't know where the missing saran wrap is - maybe in the tummy too!