Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thinkin' Pink

Well it's official - Baby #3 is Girl #3! We had an inconclusive ultrasound on the 4th, but after a rescan on the 5th she was able to make herself known. Yesterday was a day of adjustment for me. My motherly instinct, along with all of my friends, told me this was for sure a boy. Some instinct huh! At first I really didn't care what the baby was I was just happy to be pregnant, but as the pregnancy went on I started to lean towards wanting a boy. I wanted the chance to do something different, buy little polo shirts and have that mother/son bond. I know I love little girls and will adore this little girl as well. So after a day of major rethinking I can see the joy in having 3 little princesses around the house. Such sweet giggles and joyful music already fill our house, I'm sure this one will join right in. I certainly don't want to think about the teenage years, but they are a long way off. For now, I'm going to focus on the blessing of a healthy little girl who is well on her way to having a very special name picked just for her.
I told Erin I was sorry that we couldn't give her a brother and she said, "That's okay mommy, God knows what's best for us." What an awesome role model she already is for her little sisters. So princess #3 will arrive in December, a true Christmas present. Until then we'll have fun preparing for her by moving her big sisters into the same room and probably transforming the playroom into a princess castle! We are definitely Thinkin' Pink around here!