Monday, December 22, 2008

A few things we've been working on...

Caleb, Samara, Joe, Noah and Erin
This was our first attempt at a Gingerbread house and I must say I'm surprised how much Joe loved it. We had to take 2 nights to do it since you have to let the house "set" before decorating it. It worked out well though since my nephews and niece were coming over the next night so they helped decorate. Everyone had a great time and it's still standing. In the front yard Joe made a Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus!
This week we also attempted to conquer a 499 piece puzzle. That's right 499, not 500 like the box said. We either have a defective puzzle or Anna has a puzzle piece in her belly! Erin did her best helping and when it got down to the last 30 pieces, she filled them in. It was a very difficult puzzle, but very adorable.