Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Toofy Alert

I discovered today, Anna has cut her first tooth! The picture doesn't show it very well, so we'll wait until we can get a better one! Yeah for Anna!

Breaking the Rules

So we had already put Erin to bed last night when we walked outside to observe our neighbor organizing his newly delivered swingset. It's twice as big as the William's old set and we all know how long that took to put up. So Joe is kindly trying to warn our neighbor and give him some pointers. But, when we saw what was going on outside we had to get Erin out of bed to join in. There were 9 huge cardboard boxes in the driveway and his kids and our other neighbor had markers and were enjoying the empty canvases. Erin has a heart for art, so we knew how much she'd love this, and she did. Then, she went right back to bed and was asleep in no time. Summertime is all about breaking the rules!

The Aquarium a.k.a Museum

Petting a snake....Doesn't the handler look like Aaron Spelling?
Here Sharky, Sharky...
A few minutes of peace at storytime.
Our little builders...
Just training her up right, sometimes we just have to do it ourselves!

Erin absolutely loves the Virginia Aquarium which she calls the Museum, so she was thrilled we were going with her friends. She also loves being a tour guide, and took right to it yesterday. We went with Baba, MawMaw and cousin Samara, Jamie and her 2 and convinced Jessica to skip work and bring Cody(bad influence!). We went on a Tuesday so we could participate in story time, but that lasted about 10 minutes, whose got time for stories at the Aquarium. The kids all loved the new exhibit "Little Builders". Of course, my battery died, so only 1 picture. It was a great time with friends and grandmas looking at the sea turtles and sharks!