Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Who's your Papa? Joe that is!

We celebrated our Papa Joe's birthday (number concealed) a few weeks ago at a yummy seafood restaraunt. He thoroughly enjoyed the gift we gave him which was meant to be a practical joke. Papa Joe is very insistent on regular cleaning of the dryer lint screens, so when I found a kit just for that, I had to get it. He couldn't wait to get home to use it. The girls were wearing matching sundresses and the dinner was served with fresh orchids which Erin used as a lovely accent to her outfit. Here's to another great year of our Papa Joe!

Sprouts Baby!

Oh yeah - feeling proud, we actually have sprouts on all 3 of our plants. You have to look closely for the one pot, but it's there. Erin and I have been very faithful with watering every day and there's been extra help from the rain too. Hope to report flowers and possibly the resemblance of a tomato at some point in time. Right now, we're just thrilled about sprouts!

Pumila Wildflowers
Sweet Pea Flowers

Bob and Larry Tomato Plant