Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mommy's Day

Most of my Mommy's Day festivities were actually on Saturday. Joe let me have the morning off to go shopping with my best friend and have lunch out. I made it home for Megan's 1:00 feeding and then he let me go out again and get a pedicure. That's my kind of day!

On Sunday we had lunch with my mom and sister and then went out to dinner with Joe's mom and Nana. It was a very relaxing day, I even snuck a nap in. I love being mommy to my 3 beautiful girls. I got some daisies from Erin that she made at school and lots of hugs and kisses and a musical card that the girls danced to. It was a very special weekend.

Megan's Dedication

On Sunday, May 9, we dedicated Megan to the Lord. It was the first baby I've had that got to be dedicated on Mother's Day and it was very special. It was a little different for us since Anna was the only baby dedicated at her ceremony, and Megan was one of 20 babies crammed on stage. It was very special and went very well. We love our little angel so much and will raise her to know her Lord and Savior in a very personal way!

Just Cute

Megan 4 1/2 months
I just can't get over how cute she is! Drives me crazy cause she won't sleep all night, but so darn cute!

Beach Babes

We took our first trip to the beach/bay on one of our 90 degree days. The water was actually pleasant, at least for the kids. Megan wasn't quite sure what to think of the chilly water. We didn't introduce her to the sand yet, that will come later. The big girls jumped right in and are so happy that it is feeling like summertime! Here's to many more trips this summer.

Can you tell we're related?

Blake joined Anna for a Little Gym Class. When I saw this picture I just laughed. Kim and I are obviously related and we're always getting asked if Blake and Anna are twins. I love it!

Rice, Rice Baby

Megan has entered the world of rice cereal and actually really likes it. She's worked her way up to 2 times a day and she likes it best mixed with water and little bit of pear juice. Yummy! Can't wait to start the veggies in the next few weeks!