Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I have wonderful news and a huge praise - Anna does not have Speech Apraxia!!!!! If you recall in former posts I mentioned that this was one of the main concerns with her new diagnosis of VCFS. The therapist at CHKD, who met her once, thought Anna had Speech Apraxia which is a very severe language disorder and would require years of tough speech therapy. Our therapist from Early Intervention is an expert in Apraxia and always gave me hope that Anna may not have it.

Two weeks ago Anna met her 5th goal in Speech Therapy that had been set back in October. Because she came so far so fast, her therapist feels comfortable saying that she does not have Apraxia! She feels Anna's speech issues stem from some deficits in phonological processing, setbacks from the palate issues, and low muscle tone around the mouth. We will still need to continue therapy for awhile, but we are so pleased that the road doesn't seem to be quite as long. Praise the Lord!