Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Erin's Baptism

On Sunday, April 18th Erin took a very big step in her walk with Christ. She was baptized at Atlantic Shores. We are so thrilled that she has made the decision to follow Christ's example and be obedient to Him. She truly has a heart for the Lord and a heart to show others Christ. She is a walking blessing and extremely blessed. The Lord shines His face on her daily and I know it is because of the love she has for Him in her heart. We pray she never forgets the committment she has made to Him and follows Him all the days of her life.
Erin and Mr. Casey, a very special friend that we are privileged to have as a part of this special day.
Praying together before the big event.

Waiting for Pastor Wall to introduce them.
Listening to Pastor Wall.

Taking the big dip.
Celebrating at Red Robin

MawMaw, Erin and Bobble

Baba, Erin and Papa Joe

Anna, Daddy, Erin and Mommy
Bobble explaining the Baptism Candle to Erin that we will light every year on the anniversary of her baptism.
I gave Erin one of my Precious Moments Bibles from when I was a little girl.

Daddy persuaded Erin to have an ice cream cake - didn't take much persuasion.

Anna's MRI

Despite the sad face, Anna did very well with her latest procedure. She had some trouble coming out of anesthesia, but found it amusing that she could lay on the couch and watch Little Einsteins as many times as she wanted!
The MRI did show that she has small optic nerves. We met with a neurodevelopmental pediatrician the day after getting that diagnosis and he felt that if we had little concern over her vision, which we do, than she probably will be just fine. He thought that if it was a significant impairment we would already be able to tell.
That doctor also evaluated Anna's development thus far and was very pleased with her. He felt she received and responded to information very well and did not show a significant delay. Of course, her expressive speech is delayed, but we all feel with continued therapy it will improve rapidly. We felt so good after leaving this appointment. He told us to treat Anna normally, send her to preschool and do everything the way we did it for Erin. It was so nice to have a good doctor's appt. We look forward to more of those. Thank you Lord!

How Big is too Big?

If the bow is bigger than the baby's it too big?

A Trip South

After several failed attempts, we finally planned and executed a trip to Atlanta to see our good friends the Judds. Erin and their oldest son Anderson were born exactly 2 months apart and were best friends from the beginning. They moved down to GA a year and a half ago and although they have been able to visit us here in VA, we had not made it down to visit them. So we finally conquered it and it was such a good time. We left on Easter afternoon and stopped for the night in Raleigh with our good friends the Williams. They always open their home to us, even on holidays. The next morning we loaded the girls back up and treked over to Charlotte. Megan got to meet G.G., PawPaw and Aunt Carolyn for the first time. After a visit and lunch, we got back in the car and headed for Georgia. We arrived at the Judds about 5:00 and then met Dr. King for dinner at Outback. Again, a new face for Megan to meet.

On Tuesday we spent the whole day with the Judds. Erin and Anderson played outside for hours together and I could tell she was just in heaven. Carter and Anna came and went inside and out and also had a great time being together. On Wednesday, Joe took the big kids to Fernwood museum, the GT baseball fields, the Varsity for lunch and then we all met up at Stone Mountain.

After a tragic hour of losing Anna's beloved bunny, all was well for the laser light show when a super nice Ms. Gina found the missing bunny. We could all relax and enjoy the show.

On Thursday we had planned to head back throughout the day, but since Megan made it quite clear she prefered to not be in the truck, we delayed our departure until late afternoon. We were thrilled to be able to hook up with our friends the Andrews that we knew from our time in Ft. Myers. They're the kind of people that it doesn't matter when you last saw them, you always pick up right where you left off. We spent the afternoon with them and then hit the road and arrived home at 2 a.m.
We couldn't have enjoyed our Spring Break more. Erin said within 4 hours of leaving Anderson that she already missed him. We're so thankful for our friends the Judds and the time we got to share with them.

Easter Sunday

I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves!

Huntin' for Eggs

We had such a blast at the Jackson's Easter Eggstravaganza. Erin was the only older girl hunting and racked up 42 eggs. Anna was so cute with all the toddlers looking for eggs. She would have stopped at just 1, but then she realized there was candy in them. Next year we'll have a third little one out there toddling around!

Let the Easter celebration begin

The girls received Easter baskets from Baba and Papa Joe the day before Easter. Anna got a Little Einsteins shirt which she's worn everyday since!