Monday, November 17, 2008

It's so hard.....

Anyone remember that Boys 2 Men song...It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday...? That song has been running through my head since late last night. It's no secret my dear friend Heather and her family are moving back home to Georgia. And although my heart is exceedingly excited that they will have the treasure of family within an arm's reach, my heart is also very selfishly hurting. Hence the song, It's so hard to say goodbye to the way things are, not knowing how they will be in even a couple of weeks. But I believe the next phrase is ...and I'll take with me the memories, to be my sunshine after the rain. I know there are some rainy days ahead, I've been creating a few puddles myself. We told Erin a week ago about her best bud Anderson moving away and I actually think she grasps the concept and my heart aches for her. They've been buds since birth, more by force than choice!!!! But this is life and I know God is fully in control. People come into your life and they move on into other people's lives. I'm so thankful for the 4+ years we've had with the Judds being able to tangibly touch them and I only pray as our friendship becomes long distance that we'll be able to touch each other in new ways.

Here are a few pics from our party last night. I didn't get great shots as I was a little busy, but I'm sure some of you will email them to me!!!!