Sunday, November 21, 2010

Our Newest Family Member....Yes, it's a girl!

Erin had a project for school where we had to work as a family to save a turkey from being Thanksgiving Dinner. We had to disguise the turkey to fit in with our family. Since we have 3 little princesses already, we thought it was only fitting that our turkey be a princess too! It was a very fun project and we are happy to say, our turkey is safe from the roaster!

Megan just keeps growing

On November 5th Megan decided to pull herself up on the couch. Within 5 minutes she was pulling herself up on the stool and then into the carseat. Now she prefers to be standing and holding on to something. I know pretty soon she will be letting go and trying to take steps. She has also thoroughly enjoyed playing in the leaves this year, and really likes the crunchy kind!