Saturday, May 30, 2009

What a week!

Well, it's been quite a week. The dizzy spell starting it off didn't make for an easy going, fun-filled first week of Summer for Erin. Tuesday was a recovery day for us and adjusting to daddy going back to work. Wednesday Anna had her first Speech Therapy appointment here at the house. I really liked our therapist, but get tired of having to answer so many questions about what she can and can't do. You think you would know everything your child has the ability to do, but then someone asks you, "does she ever do this..." and you just go blank. Our goal this week is to work on getting Anna to imitate sounds, so if you here me repeating animal noises or car sounds over and over again, you'll know why. We did both learn a few new sign language words, so I'm happy about that. There is one small issue the therapist is concerned about, so if you'll just pray that the Lord gives me peace about the situation and which avenue to pursue, I'd appreciate it. Thursday was a challenging day from start to finish. Anna is really testing her independence, so much that she felt she should be able to push the cart at Target while sitting in it. Didn't want my hands anywhere near it. Stupid me tried to squeeze a quick grocery trip in too, which led to opening a bag of goldfish in the store and letting Anna have full reigns of it and eating half of it. By 6:00 when daddy got home I declared myself off duty, fell asleep on the couch at 7 and was in bed by 8. Friday was a little better because we stayed home and played games and cleaned the playroom. So there's our not so luxurious week in a nutshell. Erin didn't complain much, she enjoys being home and doing art. Anna has taken to art now too and climbs up to the table and starts coloring with Erin. I'm just praying that next week is a little less stressful, then again, Anna will be closer to the age of 2 with every passing day!!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not as Planned

Where's the rest of them?
2 little blondies!

Going for a ride!
Well the only thing that went as planned this weekend was that we actually made it to the beach. It was a beautiful beach day Saturday morning, a nice cool breeze, but lots of sunshine. We had so much fun with all our cousins!
Everything else went awry when we were leaving the beach and I started feeling unbelievably dizzy. We were able to get home and then I spent the rest of the day Sat. and most of Sunday on the couch unable to do much of anything else. I've had these dizzy spells twice before and have been diagnoses with deep inner ear problems. It is like an ear infection, but I have no warning signs of it coming on and can only treat it once it happens. Usually after a day of Sudafed I'm better, but this one lingered on into Monday. So all our plans for this fun weekend went out the window. Joe did take Erin to Busch Gardens and I stayed home with Anna. I'll have pictures to post on that soon. At least it's the beginning of summer and we'll have lots more fun weekends, cause this one sure was a bust. I hope to get a referral to an ENT in the very near future to see how to resolve this annoying issue.

ByeBye Preschool!

Erin and her teacher Mrs. Wrigley
This is Parker and he and Erin have become quite close friends the past few weeks....keeping our eyes on him!
The end of Pre-school has come. Erin had her 4 year old program on Friday and said farewell to New Covenant. Luckily, Anna will be there in a year so we don't have to say goodbye for too long. I could not have asked for a better place for Erin. The teachers are so nurturing, loving, comforting and this little girl can tell you so much about the Bible. She is so excited about Kindergarten and learning to read. She'll go to Atlantic Shores next year for 1/2 day Kindergarten. I'm so glad it's half day cause I'm just not ready to let her go full time.
After the program we headed off to Chuck E Cheese with our good friends to celebrate the day. Chuck E made a special appearance which always makes her day.
Friday night we went to the school play Cinderella with Elena Kay and Jenny. The girls wore their princess dresses and got to sit on the front row. They loved the show and being princesses for the night.