Monday, June 30, 2008


I didn't think this picture would ever be possible, in fact, it's nothing I ever even dreamed of happening. But the Lord is good and He allowed us to have a picture that will be a treasure for years to come. To some, this may not mean much, but to Erin and Anna it will be something I pray they hold dear to their hearts. This past week, my Grandmother from Charlotte came to visit and Joe's Grandmother from Las Vegas also came. Our other 2 grandmothers live in the area. We joked, wouldn't it be fun to get them all together for a picture, yeah, like that could happen. But while I was working Saturday morning, Joe arranged it for us all to travel out to Suffolk to see my Grandmother who is in a nursing home. I don't think Erin quite understood the magnitude of having her 4 Great Grandmothers in her presence and loving on her. Not many children even get to meet their Great Grandmothers and here she has 4. Anna won't understand for sometime to come, but she is constantly reminded that she is named after 2 very special women. The 2 Grandmas in the wheelchairs are Ellena Louise(Nana) and Ora Louise(Gma Fox) hence the name Anna Louise. We thank the Lord that we had this chance to have our very special loved ones together one last time. They all had a great time spending a few moments together that will truly be moments we treasure for a lifetime.

Grammy(Papa Joe's Mom), Nana(Barbara's Mom), Anna, Erin, Grandma Fox(Jim's Mom), G.G(Sandra's Mom)Erin and Anna with all their Grandmas4 Generations!

The whole crew with my Grandfather and Great Aunt Carolyn