Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sesame Street meet Busch Gardens!

There it is - Sesame Street's Forest of Fun!
Anna wasn't in the mood this time to snuggle!
It's so fun to have these guys here!
Oscar's Whirly Worm! Anna's first big girl ride!

Erin rode the new roller coaster about 5 times.
Anna's first time on the horseys!

I promise I won't post every time we go to Busch Gardens this year, but I had to get this one in there. We went last Friday for the opening of Sesame Street's Forest of Fun and we spent all 5 hours in this one place. It was the easiest trip we've ever made since we didn't have to walk all over the park. The girls had so much fun, especially Erin. It was nice to have new rides to enjoy, especially the roller coaster. Erin's love for Big Bird has been renewed although we didn't get to see him this time. We are looking forward to lots of visits this year with our favorite fuzzy friends!