Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The All Clear!

Anna got the all clear Tuesday from her surgeon to resume normal eating activity, and for Anna, that means eating like a pig. She has been so patient with us as she has been on a liquid, or should I say mush, diet. She ate just about everything we ate, except it was in mush form. I think the hardest thing for her was not being able to chow down on rolls and bread. So last night to celebrate her return to the land of the eating we took her to Cracker Barrell. I have never seen her devour food so quickly and in such great quantity. It was so much fun watching her eat and smile! We are so thankful for her fast recovery and can't wait to see all that she can do now that her palate is repaired!

I stated in my last blog that I wanted to find the time to write down what the Lord has taught me through all of this. I think if there is one overlying theme it would be that His timing is always perfect. I have always struggled with wanting to be a planner and letting God know when it would be a good time to do something. I have some control issues! But, through everything with Anna I can see God putting me in the backseat and tellling me that I'm not driving, He is. I had to accept that all of her appointments were made in His timing, not mine. I wanted all of this taken care of back in June when it was first realized. I was perturbed to not get to see an ENT until August, and then not having surgery scheduled until October. But, I learned to sit back and take the appointments as they came, trusting that God was in control and placing us in front of the exact doctors Anna needed to see at the exact time she needed to see them. Even the day before surgery, after waiting 6 weeks, I knew that if she woke up with a fever or cold and couldn't have the surgery, there was a reason. It's a rather freeing thing to be able to take things as they come and trust that God is in complete control of even the littlest things. You can start to see God working in those little things, where you may have missed Him before. So through this all, I did learn to take it one day at a time and trust that God was in complete control, even of the litttle details, and on the other side of it, we are rejoicing in His faithfulness yet again.