Friday, August 22, 2008

Ruff Ruff

This is my #1 Consignment Sale score this time around. Look for our cute little Dalmation at the Hallelujah Harvest this year!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Surprise Present!

Erin has been in love with 101 Dalmations for the past year, especially Cruella DeVille. Our little sweetie always has a heart for the villain. One of the highlights of Disney World was seeing Cruella on the float with all the villains. She pointed at Erin and made her day. Well a couple of months ago Joe met with someone whose daughter actually played Cruella at Disney. He was able to score us a picture of Cruella personalized for Erin. It says, "Erin, Spots are In!" Erin didn't know quite what to think when we gave it to her on her birthday and she absolutely can't believe Cruella sent it just for her. What a great surprise to be able to give a 4 year old who truly believes!

Anna's 1st Haircut

Just a little off the top please!
Watch it lady!
Beautiful Baby!

Anna got her first haircut on Saturday since the hair had been hanging in her eyes. She did a great job and looks cuter than ever!