Thursday, February 25, 2010

And so it begins...

I pulled this out of Erin's bookbag today and asked what's this? To which she responded from behind a big grin, "It's from Noah!" About a week ago Erin took a card to school for Noah in which she wrote the words I love you! I know I probably should have censored it, but it was so cute. I guess he liked it, or his mom did, because he gave her a specially decorated card and a bouquet of lollipop roses. It made me blush when I saw it and Baba and I both looked at each other and said this is only the beginning!

Megan is 2 months old

Can you believe Megan is already 2 months old? She weighed in at 10 pounds 8 oz, 23 1/2 inches long. She sure is giving us a run for our money. Just when you think you know what you're doing with this whole parenting thing, you get a child you just can't figure out. Everyone tells me I'll look back at this all one day and laugh - not laughing yet! Hoping brighter and happier days are in our near future. She's such a cute little girl and coos and smiles at us when she's content. I'm looking forward to the Spring when we can get outside and enjoy some fresh air and hopefully all her tummy issues will be resolved! Despite all her idiosyncrisies we do love her to pieces and love having 3 girls!

Daddy's Valentine's

I have a feeling Joe is going to go broke every Valentine's Day. He was very sweet to pick out cards for the girls this year and get mommy roses. We always go out to eat as a family on Valentine's Day so that we don't have to ask the grandparents to babysit. Just so happens we went out for lunch this year, so Baba and Papa Joe came with us. Erin really got into the spirit this year giving her daddy lots of kisses - watch out boys of the future!

New Tinkerbell undies for Erin - they don't make Peter Pan ones for girls, or she would prefer them!

New Elmo undies for Anna - hope to use them soon!

Megan is sporting her little hearts pants - she can be quite cute when she wants to be!
Chillin at the Red Robin!
Erin's main squeeze this Valentine's Day