Friday, March 9, 2012

Choosing Joy

Have you ever had to choose joy? I went to a Women's conference last weekend and one of the messages was on choosing joy. I've had to choose joy a lot this week, to let the God that is in me be stronger than the weight of this world. I've had to renew my mind, to reposition my focus on Who HE is and What HE can do when my obstacle appears to be so much bigger. I've had to claim joy for Joe as he still struggles to find joy when physically he feels worn out. What a concept, choosing to be joyful despite the circumstances that surround.

This week Megan Joy has decided to exercise her freedom to use the word "no." She is stubborn, and is emphatic with her "nos." It made me think of how stubborn we can be to the Lord. He cries out, "trust me" - "no" ; "give me your burdens so I can carry them" - "no" ; "come here and just sit with me" - "no." How often do I cross my little arms, throw on my pouty face and declare "no" to Him. So when He asks me to "choose joy", "just laugh", "enjoy the ride" - maybe I'll answer "ok!" and see how that goes!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tomato soup and ritz crackers

Megan wanted to join in on the soup tonight. She asked for soup and then asked for crackers. I crumpled the crackers into her soup and then she spent a good couple of minutes making sure they were crumpled just right. She was so cute and so determined. Then she enjoyed every bite and declared, "I like soup!" I love passing on crazy traditions, like tomato soup with ritz crackers!

Ice Cream and Cake

Erin's favorite part of the ODU game is by far the Ice Cream and Cake dance done by the cheerleaders. All joy breaks out across the arena when this dance starts and Erin joins right in!