Monday, January 21, 2008

Gettin' Sippy With It

Peek-a-boo I see you
Nothin' like a good ole cup of juice!
Anna had some juice in her sippy cup today. The dr. told us to give her some juice to help with our poopy problems and she is rather enjoying it. She took right to the cup that she got for Christmas from Aunt Kim. I can't believe how old it makes her look - yet still so small!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Showering my Sister

I had the privelege of hosting a baby shower for my "baby" sister on Saturday. I was so excited to be able to host it and to have a home that could accomodate it. We had a great time celebrating the upcoming arrival of my little nephew Blake(set to arrive in March)! Erin was a little confused over the whole thing. She finally understands at showers we don't all get wet, but she thought it was a birthday party for Blake and that he was going to "pop out" of Aunt Kim. She was bummed she was going to miss it all. Thankfully, Blake stayed in and we were all dry at the end of it-just very stuffed, and Erin had a fabulous day with Daddy at CiCi's and an ODU basketball game.


We went to IHOP with the Jacksons on Friday night. Cody and Erin rather enjoyed their pancakes. Erin got the Funny Face pancake, and although Cody ordered chicken fingers - his mommy's blueberry pancakes looked more appetizing to him. That's true love, when you give up your pancakes for your little man. Chris, Joe and I battled it out with the all you can eat pancakes, and let's just say, there was no catching Chris!