Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010

Ok - so last year when we knew we were going to be having a 3rd girl I said we should all dress up like the pink ladies from Grease and let daddy be Danny Zuko. Well, it didn't happen! Maybe next year. We did have 3 perfectly cute little girls that looked absolutely precious though. Erin was Jessie, her favorite obsession right now. Anna was Little Einstein's Rocket, her obsession for over a year now. Megan was the cow, all my babies have been the cow, and she is obsessed with milk, so it worked for her! We had a great picnic at the park with lots of friends and food and even a pinata and then went trick or treating. Anna seemed to really enjoy the idea of people giving her candy, but only lasted a few houses! Erin of course was all about it and knew what to expect. Megan got to ride along with her buddies also dressed in black and white - a skunk and a kitty. What a fun, sugar filled night!