Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A few thoughts

Okay, don't know quite where this post is going to go, but feel burdened to put a few thoughts down. I don't know if it comes with age, or maturity, but within the last year I have felt that I have had so many more people to pray for. Sometimes I feel surrounded by people experiencing hurt, disappointment, sickness, troubling times(including myself). I admit, I used to be one of those people(Christians) that said, sure I'll pray for you, and sometimes the prayer was lifted up once and then forgotten about. Maybe I didn't realize the effectiveness of prayer and that came from naivity, maybe I figured there were so many other people praying, how would mine make a difference. Whatever it was, it certainly wasn't the Christian attitude the Lord has called me to. Ever since Anna was in the hospital(the first time) though I have felt the enormous burden to pray for people. I know the power of prayer, I witnessed it first hand in my own child's life. I felt the power of prayer from all of my friends, family and strangers lifting up my child. I cannot deny the power of prayer and it gives me such joy to know that my prayer does make a difference.

I recently joined in with the Women's Ministry at our church and we took a Spiritual Gifts test to help us see where we should serve. My number one gift has always been teaching, so I was surprised when teaching had fallen to 3rd place. It was replaced with FAITH. Faith is my number one spiritual gift right now at this point in my life. It didn't surprise me that much given all the Faith I've had to conjure up the last year and a half. What surprises me is that a couple of years ago, worry could have been my middle name. It is just amazing to me how God knew where I needed to grow and brought me to a place where I could experience that growth.

So to bring this together - I have Faith and I have prayer and together I'd say they're a winning combination. I want you to know, when I tell you I'll pray for you, I do and I pray believing that God will answer it, in His perfect timing and in His perfect will. I have been so touched by the prayers lifted up on my behalf as well as my family's that I feel unworthy sometimes. All I can do to repay you is to pray in return for you, that God will pour His blessings on you and smother you with His unfailing love, peace and joy! Our God is still in the business of miracles!

This quote from Beth Moore's Esther study really got me today, "Sometimes God uses the winds of a new threat to blow the dust off a past miracle that has moved from our active file into the archives. Remember what God has done for you!" I know that I don't ever want to forget it!