Friday, June 27, 2008

Anna on the Move!

Well - she's done it and right on cue with her 11 month birthday! Anna is officially moving on her belly. I can't call it crawling, more like commando scooting. Nonetheless we are thrilled with this new accomplishment. She's also discovered the coffee table and that cool things are on top of it. So I know pulling up is right around the corner. It has taken her a little longer to reach these big milestones, but we couldn't be more proud of her and have actually enjoyed her staying a baby a little bit longer.

Monday, June 23, 2008

AHHHHH....Just the Girls!

This weekend my best girlfriends from forever and I celebrated our 30th birthdays. Well, they are already 30 and mine is fast approaching. We planned this trip back in January to commemorate the big events of the year.

We started the morning at the Kingsmill Spa in Williamsburg with a 1/2 day pampering package. We had a heavenly facial, an unforgettable massage, and a soothing pedicure. Then we had lunch by the pool and laid out for a little and just talked!

After that we headed to our hotel and then went out to dinner, without children!!!! Plus, we went and got ice cream and didn't have to share it with anyone! We stayed the night and then did some great shopping at the outlets.

It was a perfect weekend of relaxation and just being with the girls. Although I'm not thrilled with the thought of turning 30, I'm so blessed to have shared more than half of these years with my best friend Jenny(21 to be exact) and the last 15 with Jeanette. Iron sharpens Iron and that's what these women have done for me. Love you girls - here's to the next 60 together!
Before we knew what we were in for....
Ahhh, this is nice...
Dinner at the Chophouse.
Ice Cream at the General Store.