Thursday, August 27, 2009

Erin's first day of Kindergarten

Our Little Kindergartener!
One cute little Erin with a Princess backpack!
A teary goodbye.
A future Seahawk!
Celebrating a great first day with our free birthday meals at Silver Diner!

Our baby started K-5 yesterday and I just can't believe it. She was very excited about it before we arrived at school, but quickly became anxious when we got there. Daddy was persistent that we not hang around, but make a quick exit to make it easier on her. I know he was right, but it sure was hard to leave her in tears. Mrs. Mulford said she did great and only had a few tears throughout the day. What a big transistion for a little girl, but I know she is going to love school. They go to art today and I think that will seal the deal. There was no shortage of details about her day yesterday, from who lost a bear to what they sang in chapel, we got a full recap. I'm so thankful that she is in a warm and caring place that I'm very familiar with. It is very surreal to be taking my own child to the school I went to and taught at, but very exciting for sure!