Monday, August 30, 2010

The first day of School 2010-2011!

This year was a little bit harder, sending 2 babies to school! Erin started 1st grade last week and Anna started Pre-K 3. I just can't believe Summer is over and my little ones are old enough to be in school. I'd be lying if I didn't say that many thoughts of homeschooling crossed my mind this Summer. But for now, they are in Atlantic Shores which is definitely close to home!
I've had a hard time letting Anna go. I debated all Summer if she was ready or I was ready, weighing the pros and cons. All her therapists and other professionals think preschool will be really good for her, and I know they're probably right, but I have a hard time being away from her. I'm afraid her needs won't get met because she can't express them, or she'll get left out of things, or other kids won't be nice. All the normal fears moms have, just multiplied because it's Anna. I'm praying the Lord will give me peace with whatever ends up happening. In my mind we're in a trial period and it's never too late to go a different direction.

Erin was so excited to be going back to school this year. She's in class with one of her best friends from last year and we heard so many wonderful things about her teacher. We're already finding out that 1st grade is a lot different than Kindergarten though. I can't believe the atmosphere difference and am realizing that "real school" has begun. She's made several comments about how long full day school is. I know she'll adjust and have an amazing year. I'm just praying I don't forget one afternoon to go pick her up, I'm not quite adjusted to the new schedule!
So Megan and I have a few mornings a week alone together. I'm debating how to get her morning nap in and then possibly some gym time. I know it will all fall into place and we'll be excited about this new phase of our lives. We are so grateful the girls can go to ASCS and we're just praying the Lord will continue to provide and allow us to send them there. He is faithful in all His promises!

Erin's 6th Birthday

I invited 3 little girlfriends over as a surprise for Erin and threw them a tea party!
We had a morning snack with tea....
And then a light finger food lunch!

Erin's birthday breakfast(we cheated and used leftovers from IHOP the night before!)

Erin loves Fish and Chips so we took her to Long Johns Silver for lunch after church.

This is Erin's first peek at the Peter Pan/Hook's Ship cake. Boy were we all amazed!

My dad truly outdid himself with this one, Erin was tickled to death with it!
We love our big six year old!

Erin and the big cousins having a discussion.
Erin and Samara with her first webkinz.

Erin finally got a Jessie doll!

Making wishes...probably for a puppy!

All the cousins that we could get in the picture!
....and there she is, Jessie!
Erin had a fun birthday celebration this year with a few friends and a lot of family! We kept it small this year, but nonetheless, special. Erin truly is a blessing, and a gift from God. She has such sweet heart and just oozes with love for others and God. I know He's got big plans for her this year and she is going to grow so much!

Summer Pictures

These are just a few summer pictures that I can't skip over. We are so blessed by friends and family, near and far.
A rare moment I can actually catch them next to each other!
Annie and Blake with their daddys.

The kids were analyzing the remains of a horshoe crab Mr. Joe found - kept them busy for awhile!
The Jackson boys getting a snack!
Megan and Connor really hit it off...who knows what the future holds!

B.G. with the buds

Anderson's holding the map, but I assure you, Erin was in charge - that girl knows B.G. like the back of her hand!
The Big Kids - they rode so many rides together!

Everyone got to ride this one together - so cute!

Our good friends the Judds came in town for a visit and wanted to go to Busch Gardens. We never pass up a chance to go to B.G. with friends because it's so much more fun for the kids! We had a great day with the Judds and the Saunders - that equals 6 adults, 6 big kids and 2 babies - that's a lot of people and not one single meltdown(not even from the mommies!) Then we had the courage to go out to dinner afterwards at IHOP and still not a meltdown. I do believe that day will go down in the books as one of our favorite memories!

Mommy's Birthday

As most of you know, August is birthday season around here. We start with Anna at the end of July and then I'm at the beginning of August and Erin is the middle of August. It works out great to all be close together because we can use all our free stuff coupons at the same time and eat for cheap! I chose Red Robin for my birthday and a sneaky little Anna stole my Sundae!