Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Best Surprise!

Erin received the best surprise yesterday - she got to see her cousins. Joe's sister, Aunt Michelle, was in town for a funeral and she, Uncle Mike, and their girls, Ajah(15), Elisha(13) and Jasmine(11) stopped by afterwards to surprise Erin and meet Baby Anna. Erin loves these girls and doesn't get to see them often since they live in Northern Virginia. It's so neat to me to watch her with all her cousins - she somehow knows there is something different in their relationships - she knows they are family and she loves them abundantly because of it. Of course, Erin went right to work giving the girls a tour of the house and then directing them as a Marching Band. Aunt Michelle got lots of Anna squeezes in and said she reminded her of their middle daughter Elisha. Anna enjoyed all the attention and excitement.

We only got to spend a short time with them, but it was the highlight of Erin's month. This morning she said, "I don't feel so well, my tummy hurts, I miss my cousins; but Uncle Mike said that next time they come they can stay with me!!!" I'm afraid she'll have to fight Baba for that one, but she will be grateful for anytime she gets to spend with her wonderful cousins!
Okay, everybody - let's boogie!
Baba, Papa Joe and their 5 granddaughters!
The Maggiore/Courts Family
from the top Jasmine, Uncle Mike, Elisha, Ajah, Hidden Baba, Papa Joe, Jen, Joe, Aunt Michelle, Anna, Nana and Erin

Monday, January 7, 2008

Growing Up!!!

Anna has embarked on the world of real food and has had cereal for the first time this week. As you can see by her rice covered smile - she loves it. She took right to it and is ready for Chick-fil-A now!!!!

As for Erin, she has been working very hard at writing her name lately. She is so close to being able to do it by herself. So everything is about spelling. This morning she asked Joe for a waffle and he forgot to put it in the toaster so he asked me to get a w-a-f-f-l-e. I don't know why he spelled it, but he didn't fool Erin - she chimed in, "that spells waffle!" Where did she learn how to spell waffle?