Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Megan is enjoying her new stimulation! Anna is too. She has to be right there with Megan when she plays with her toys. I can't believe Megan is old enough to enjoy these toys now, but I do have to watch her as she tends to be like Erin and can easily become overstimulated. I will say when Megan is happy and pleasant she is smiling up a storm and trying hard to coo. These are sounds and sights we missed with Anna as she never really smiled or cooed. I'm happy to hear those sweet baby sounds again. Now, if we can just eliminate the crying, we'll be good to go!!!!

Erin's first report

Erin had her first official report for school. Tomorrow is D for Dinosaur day and each student had to choose a dinosaur and find some facts about it and write a sentence about it. It really hit me hard when we were sitting at the kitchen table doing this together. I can't believe she is writing words and not asking me how to spell them and looking through books for information. I know this is the first of many school projects, and I hope I can keep my patience with her as well as I did with this one! She is just thriving in school and sometimes I'll ask, "where did you learn that" to which she responds, "at school of course, we learn all kinds of things." She's a little sponge. Oh, and Anna was insistent on being at the table with us, she never wants to miss a thing!

Peas and Carrots

Blake and Anna are like peas and carrots, they just go together. They love to be around each other and often just follow one another around. Anna is very upset if Aunt Kim comes over without Blake, he's her special little buddy! I'm so glad they are close in age and can grow up together, although they often find trouble together - guess it goes with the territory!

Paintball MadMen

Here they are ladies, our oldest children all decked out for paintball before the Super Bowl!