Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Anna

I can't believe our baby is 2! She is such a joy and adds so much life and love to our family. Anna has a very sweet personality mixed with a little spunk. She is very determined to do anything she sets her mind to, which is usually something big sister is doing. I love watching her walk around the house and silently get into everything.
The first 2 years of her life haven't been easy. Somedays I feel like she should already be 6 years old with all she's had to go through. But she teaches us something new everyday. She's taught me to be thankful for everything she can do, not regretful about the things she can't. We try to find joy in every little milestone she makes even if it is just a small step. She is so quick to catch onto sign language and right now that's her primary method of communication. She is making advances in her speech and I know with time and practice, it will come.
If I could remember one thing about Anna right now it would be how much she loves and shows loves. Since she can't verbally tell us she loves us, she shows us. Anna is our snuggle bug. She loves to be held and cuddled. She gives hugs and kisses all the time. Her sweet smile lets us know that she understands how much we love her. So here's to a year of tremendous growth in so many ways for our Anna Banana as she becomes a big sister and an even more beautiful little girl.

Our sweet little angel!
A Preacher, a Bobble and an Elmo Cake Maker.

There he is ELMO!

Singing to Anna!

Couldn't wait to dig in.
Oh yeah, this is good.
Anna's 1st real baby doll - it goes potty!

A purse just for Anna.

Anna's own princess dress.

A new dollhouse.

An upgraded kitchen.