Friday, July 17, 2009

Updates and Ramblings

Just wanted to give a quick update, mostly on Anna. We have scheduled an ENT appointment for August 25th. I wasn't thrilled at how far away that was since I see my child as a priority! I tried to explain that to the nurse, but she said this is just how it is. That appt. will just be an initial consultation and then he'll set up a visit with the VP specialist. I've done a little research on the internet, but don't know quite the severity of her issue so I'll just be patient and wait for the Doctor's recommendations.

In the meantime Anna caught strep throat from who knows where. So she's been a cranky little pistol this week. I really thought the doctor would say it was just teething or her being 2, but at least there's an antibiotic for this. The doctor is also going to try and get me a sooner ENT appointmen since I was able to talk to her about my concerns.

I've been searching the internet like crazy for Madagascar 2 birthday supplies. Erin wants that theme for her family birthday and lucky me, they don't carry it in any stores. I can order from Birthday Direct, but then I have to pay shipping. So birthday season is about to be in full bloom here at the Maggiores, and between Elmo, Madagascar and Princess stuff we've got every spectrum covered! It's a very exciting time of year for us and throw in an ultrasound, it doesn't get any better.

I felt the baby move for the first time on Tuesday (the 14th) and have felt "it" every day since. Joe even felt it last night which I thought was very odd for only being 17 weeks. Looks like we've got a kicker in there!

Lots of posts to follow as the birthdays begin. Hope everyone is doing well, I'm trying to keep up with all of your happenings and busy summers!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Blueberry Pickin'

We went blueberry pickin' today with our buds the Jacksons. Cody and Erin have quite a fun time picking together. Anna enjoyed eating the berries as we picked them. It was a little humid, but overcast and not too hot so it made for a perfect morning. We even snagged a few blackberries while there, and Anna liked those too! Now it's pie time!