Wednesday, June 16, 2010

6 months old!

I can't believe my precious baby is 6 months old....wait a minute....yes I can. I was laughing with my mom today that Megan has made every moment of her 6 months here with us unforgettable. She has lived, loved, smiled, screamed every moment she's been with us. Oh how many days I wished she would just speed up and be 6 months old so all the tummy troubles would disappear, and here it is, and I miss my baby. The smiles in these pictures say it all, Megan is finally a happy baby!!!!! She actually is turning out to be my most content baby. As of this week, she has decided that she will sleep through the night for me - Hallelujah! She still will not take longer than a 1 hour nap and most of the time it is 50 minutes. So she still gets 3 of those a day. She likes carrots, makes funny faces for sweet potatoes, puckers her lips at apple sauce, but loves white grape juice! She enjoys her morning play mat time and ferociously bats at her toys. When she sees something she wants, she works at it with all her might to get it. I can already see her determination coming out. She absolutely adores her sisters and smiles so huge when they talk to her. She's got the best belly giggle and is so ticklish, especially in the folds of her neck. She is the happiest when she is naked(diaper only) and will start giggling for no reason at all.
So I've come to the conclusion that it was all worth it. Every sleepless night, yes, there were many of them, and every tear I cried right along with her is renewed by every beautiful smile. I cannot imagine our family without Megan. She is a joy to all of us, a living doll baby. Now that we're settling into life with 3, I hope to slow down and cherish every moment of her first year. I know how fast it goes and I don't want to miss this special time with her!