Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Graduate?.....The Speaker!

Joe and I attended the Graduation Ceremony for Open Campus for Virginia Beach Public Schools last night where Joe was the Commencement Speaker. It's a long story of how he came to be asked to speak at this event, but he was and he accepted. He did a wonderful job giving the students a charge to say YES. In the acronym YES he challenged them to do something for Yourself, Everyone else you know, and a Stranger. Although he wasn't allowed to speak about God, he did give a very clear message about seeking Truth. I was so proud of him and so amazed at how well he did in front of all those people. I know this will not be the last time Joe is asked to speak publicly, I think the Lord is going to use him in this way many times in the future. We are very proud of you Daddy - you did a great job!

This is Brandon, the student that Joe met through his involvement with Recovery for the City. He and Joe formed a special bond and his mother recommended Joe as the speaker.